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Sport Latex Magnetic Half Pad


Latex Sponge Technology™ consisted of three-layercombination of inserts guarantees spacial protection of horse’s and rider’s back, stabilization and great distribution of pressure. Absorbs shocks as well as prevents from bruises and abrasions, which provides comfort that enables to use horse’s full potential. Proven, anatomical shape ensures that the half pad fits perfectly and fills space under the saddle. Free neck system with 3D mesh around the withers ensures proper airflow and protection against pressure.

Latex Sponge Technology™ is protected on the outside with 3D mesh, which ensures excellent airflow. The inner Evolon® layer has a great moisture-absorbing, breathing and drying properties.

Magnetic Field Therapy™ technology has a great positive impact on horse’s back flexibility. Naturally balances out energy deficits which guarantees more efficient recovery after excercise and strengthening of muscles. Faster circulation of lymph and white cells contributes to thermoregulation– lowering temperature around tissues which eliminates pain symptoms and ensures much faster nourishment and restoration of tissues.



Design protected within the European Union under the industrial design rights.





8 Neodymium Magnetic Activators (NMA) 1150 Gauss/pcs. protected with PVC foil, 3D distance mesh,  Evolon® (70% polyester, 30% poliamide), Latex Sponge Technology™ insert, eco-leather band, strong tape, velcro tape


Sport Latex Magnetic Half Pad

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