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Sport Cut™ Saddle Pad


Made of one piece of material with no stitches, tapes or other stiffening elements in the spine part. The original cut makes the saddle pad fits perfectly to the anathomical shapes of the horse. Provides a proper protection of the horse’s back and proper comfort that allows to use its full potential. Free neck system applied in this saddle pad, with 3D mesh around the withers, guarantees excellent airflow.

Extremely light. Made of quilted, glistening B-NEV™ fabric resistant to abrasion and easy in maintance. The inner Evolon® layer has a great moisture-absorbing, breathing and drying properties.


Design protected within the European Union under the industrial design rights.






B-NEV™ (30% cotton, 70% polyester), Evolon® (70% polyester, 30% poliamide), 550g wadding filling, eco-leather band, strong tape, 3D distance mesh, two-sided embroidery with TORPOL® emblem


Sport Cut™ Saddle Pad

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